Female Desperation And Legging Pee

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Female desperation and ineed2pee go so well together and this set of female desperation and peeing pictures are just great. A new female desperation lady Kenna stars in this female desperation movie. Ineed2pee has this to say about the female desperation and peeing movie “Your neighbor down the hall Kenna is in a bind. She locked herself out & wants to use your toilet in the meantime. But your girlfriend is over and she JUST got into the shower & she is known for taking very long showers… but Kenna will wait anyways & you walk outside to the balcony. She’s already bursting for the toilets, wearing some very sexy white leggings with VPL (visible panty line). How long will poor Kenna Valentine suffer from her overfull bladder before she ends up pissing her pants???”

It is such a great female desperation movie and these pictures don’t really do justice to it. If you like female desperation and then peeing in leggings you will love it

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Female Desperation With Realwetting Dee

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Here we have Realwetting Dee she is coming home and has made it to the stairs to her place she has been desperate to pee for a lot of her journey but now that she is home she seems so happy but I would guess being as desperate as she is she wouldn’t want to get to excited that she may be able to release her bulging bladder

She has been holding on for so long and everyone have seen her doing the female desperation dance as she tries to hold her bladder and now this is it all she has to do is get up the stairs so she can release her bulging bladder but that happy feeling is too much her bladder just can’t hold on any longer and the pee starts to seep into her pantyhose and then the flood starts her desperate bladder has given in and the pee is running down her legs and making a massive mess look at the pee stains on her stocking legs poor female desperation disaster Dee

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Female Desperation In Public

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I do love a good female desperation movie and it’s even better when the female desperation is in the street you never know who will see. This female desperation movie comes from ineed2pee and has Alex on her way home and desperate to pee and wow is she desperate she really is having trouble to walk I wonder if she is squirting little bits of pee in her panties. Desperate bladders are so hot and grabbing your crotch to stop the pee flowing out in the street you must be desperate to pee. This time poor Alex stops holds her crotch and then starts walking as her bladder starts to release. Look at the embarrassment on her face female desperation and crotch grabbing was one thing but pissing in your jeans in public is just so embarrassing. Alex finally makes it home with a great big pee patch I wonder how many people saw her like this

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Female Desperation Story

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I still remember the midterm exam that I gave in the summer of ’94 like it was yesterday. I was teaching an introductory algebra course that quarter. I had only ten students in the class; algebra was not a popular course during summer term, because it met five days a week for two solid hours. There were four guys in the class and six girls. Lynn was the prettiest. She was about twenty years old, and she had just finished her first year in college. This was her first time taking a summer course. She was also one of my brightest, most attentive students. She was rarely absent, always prepared for class, and usually sat in the front row. It was a hot day in late June, and Lynn came into class in a white tee shirt with some sort of environmental message on it (I think it was something to do with Earth Day) and a pair of baggy khaki shorts. She was barefoot, her sneakers tied to the straps of her backpack. She had a large soft drink with her, and I could hear the ice sloshing around as she took her seat in the front row. It was about eight minutes before the hour. Other students filed into the room slowly, chatting idly about the exam, the weather, and other things. I looked over the exam one last time, searching for any errors that my teaching assistant might have missed. Lynn took a long drag on the straw of the paper soft drink cup, and I heard the ice protest once again. It sounded like the cup was empty. She searched through her backpack, lines of frustration crossing her face, and finally produced two pencils and an eraser. I studied her long dark hair, her tanned legs and her bare feet. I often had trouble taking my eyes off this girl during class. I wished I was younger. With four minutes to go, I asked the class if there were any last minute questions. Tom, the guy who had been absent most of the quarter, wanted to know how to divide two complex numbers. A few of the other students groaned. If he hadn’t mastered that by now, it was unlikely he would pass this test. The bell rang. To an observer from another planet, we must have looked like rats in some of sort of operant conditioning experiment. I picked up the stack of exams, and my students cleared their books off their desks. I distributed the exams. Some students began working on the first page immediately while others leafed through the exam to get a general idea of what was involved. “You should have three sheets with five pages of text,” I announced. “Make sure you aren’t missing any pages.” I then informed the class that they had the whole two hour class period for the exam. The room was warm, so I went over to the thermostat and adjusted the air conditioning. Then I sat down to read the paper. Exams like this can be incredibly boring for professors. My students were seated far enough apart that I really didn’t have to worry too much about cheating. But I had to stay in the room, otherwise the temptation would be too great, especially for someone like Tom. I leafed through the paper, occasionally glancing up to see if anyone was trying to get my attention to ask a question. And of course I would take a peek at Lynn and one or two of the other girls in the class. After about twenty five minutes, I noticed that Lynn seemed to be shifting her weight and adjusting herself quite a bit. Once she dropped her pencil, and it rolled under another desk. She looked up and leaned forward, but couldn’t reach it. So she sat back a bit and retrieved it by grabbing it with her toes. She looked at me briefly and smiled. She continued to shift her weight from time to time, and it occurred to me that perhaps the soda she had drunk was beginning to catch up with her. If this was the case, I thought to myself, this may well become the most interesting exam I have ever given. Normally my students get a five minute break in the middle of the period; but today no one was permitted to leave the room until they turned in the exam. And I expected even my best students to need most or all of the period for this test. Some fifteen minutes later, Lynn got up slowly and approched my desk. She leaned toward me, and said in a whisper, “Can I go to the bathroom?” I had to struggle to keep from smiling too broadly. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You can’t leave the room during the exam,” I said gently. She looked down, disappointed. “Okay,” she said quietly. Well, I thought, this is definitely going to be better than reading the horoscopes for the rest of the exam. I got up to stretch my legs, and walked around the room a bit. I stopped for a side view of Lynn. She now had one leg crossed under the other; the bottom of her right foot was lightly covered with dirt from running around barefoot. One hand held her pencil, while the other rested on her forehead, giving her a look of intense concentration. I wondered if my hard-on was noticeable. But no one in the class was looking at me, of course; everyone was wrapped up in the test. As the time passed, Lynn’s discomfort increased significantly. With about an hour left to the period, Lynn now had her legs crossed with one on top of the other, in the more traditional female style. But after another five minutes, she shifted her position again, this time placing her left leg under her right leg. She looked up at the clock. I was back at my desk now, and she looked at me briefly. I smiled, and she smiled back. She returned to her exam, uncrossing her legs and placing one hand in her lap. A few more minutes went by, and Lynn crossed both her legs in a yoga style. I got up to walk around again. As I circled the perimeter of the room, I saw Lynn bite her lower lip. She uncrossed her legs once again, this time squeezing them together. I returned to my desk and pretended to look at the paper again. Lynn was slowly relaxing the tension in her legs, and looking down at her lap. Sure enough, a wet spot had appeared right in the middle of her light khaki shorts. She crossed her legs once more, looked around nervously, and finally turned her attention back to the exam. There were now 50 minutes remaining in the class period, and I noticed that Lynn had just started the fourth page of my five page exam. I walked to the back of the room and looked over the entire class, while reaching into my pocket to adjust my hard-on. Lynn was definitely going to need the remaining class time in order to finsh the exam. Her little leak that had probably released a lot of the pressure in her; I wondered if she would be able to hold on until the end. Fifteen minutes later I found out. Lynn drew in a sharp breath, and snapped her mouth shut quickly. Her legs were not crossed at this point; she squeezed her legs together tightly, but a large damp patch quickly spread across the front of her shorts and began to stretch toward her knees. I looked right at her now, unable to resist this visual treat. She was staring at her lap in horror. It seemed that she had once again been able to stop the flow, but the wet spot had grown substantially in size. Anyone looking directly at her could tell that she had peed in her pants. Fortunately for her, there was only one other student sitting in the front row today, and he was five seats away from her. So no one except me had a frontal view. She looked up from her crotch and stared at me. Her face was bright red. I gave her a half-smile, not knowing how else to react. Certainly she didn’t want me to say anything. I simply couldn’t let her leave the room. Besides, at this point, getting up would attract attention to her situation and let other people see her condition. Lynn looked down at her backpack, and then went back to the exam. I began to feel sorry for her. Lynn lived in an apartment off campus, probably with a couple of roommates. Did she have a change of clothes in her backpack? It seemed unlikely, unless she had athletic clothes for a workout or something. She was going to have a hard time getting home without everyone seeing that she had wet herself. I wondered what would happen if other students noticed what was going on. This seemed inevitable, since they would eventually approach my desk to turn in the exam. Because of the weather, no one had sweaters or jackets of any kind; Lynn had only her backpack and her shoes, and these weren’t going to be very effective at covering up her mess. She looked wet enough that I was pretty sure it wouldn’t dry before class was over; in fact, if she wet herself much more, I estimated, it might start dripping onto the floor. I wondered if she was wearing a pad or feminine napkin. Probably not. If she was, it had soaked through quite a while ago. There was even a possiblity that she had only a bikini bathing suit on under her shorts. Sunbathing was a popular way to pass the time between classes at this time of year, and judging from her tan, it was something she did on a fairly regular basis. With twenty minutes left to the class period, the first two students got up to turn in their exams. One walked right past Lynn, handed me the exam, and went back to his seat, passing her again. If he noticed anything, I couldn’t tell from his behavior or facial expressions. He picked up his backpack and left without crossing the front of the room. Since I already had a full view of Lynn’s accident, it seemed like her best bet for avoiding some major embarrassment was to wait until everyone else had left the room. She had apparently come to the same conclusion, because she was indeed the last one to turn in her exam. As the others handed theirs in and left, I saw some of them looking back at Lynn as they opened the door to the room. But no one actually said anything because others were still taking the test. When the last two girls left the room, I heard excited voices out in the hall, which slowly receded into the distance. Finally, Lynn was the only one left in the room. She looked up at me, her face turning a bright shade of pink again. She stood up slowly, and I noticed a dark stain on the fabric of the chair underneath her. She handed me her exam slowly, looking down at her shorts. “Well,” she said nervously, “I guess next time I’ll know to go to the bathroom before the test.” I wasn’t sure how to respond. I really didn’t want to embarrass her any further. If she had simply handed me the exam and left, I never would have said a word about the matter to her or anyone else. Well… OK, maybe I would tell a few friends about it, but I wouldn’t mention her name. I counted myself lucky just to have seen it. But her comment caught me off guard. It sounded like she wanted me to acknowledge what had happened. She seemed to want to get it out in the open. Did she want me to apologize for not letting her leave the room? She looked at me. “You couldn’t quite hold it, huh?” I finally said. “I shouldn’t have had all that soda right before the exam,” she said. “We usually get a break during class.” “I’m sorry I couldn’t let you go,” I stammered. “But we can’t have people going in and out during a test. It would create a lot of problems with cheating.” “I know. Don’t worry about it.” She seemed more comfortable with the whole episode now. Her shorts had begun to dry, but it was still obvious that she had wet herself. She collected her things and picked up her backpack. A final thought struck me. “Can I give you a ride home or something?” “Would you?” She asked. Her face lit up. “This is pretty embarrassing.” She managed a nervous laugh. I agreed, and we headed toward the door. We headed down the hallway. “Uhm… I still have to go,” she said quietly. I waited patiently while she disappeared into the ladies’ room. On the way to my car, she stopped and bought a newspaper, which she carried in front of her to cover the wetness on her shorts. But she still couldn’t do much to hide the backside. Then she sat on the paper in my car, trying not to get the seat wet. As I drove her home, she wondered aloud what she would tell her roommates. But by the time we arrived, her shorts were almost dry from the sun and the heat. If you knew what you were looking at, it was still obvious; but her roommate probably wouldn’t notice it if she disappeared straight into her room. She thanked me for driving her home, and then looked over her shoulder and smiled as she went up the steps to her apartment. Needless to say, she got an A on test.

Female Desperation Movie From Real Wetting

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We have this great female desperation and wetting movie from real wetting staring the lovely female desperation model Alice. Alice comes home and is enter the toilet but the waves of desperation are to much and she must stop and hold that pee in. Alice tries again gets through the door but as she is not holding her crotch any more it all goes A wonderful female desperation movie from real wetting

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Female Desperation With Dee From Real Wetting.

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I just love female desperation and in this female desperation from real wetting we have the very sexy Dee a newer member of the real wetting family. She is waiting for her boyfriend who only said he would be a minute, she was already desperate to pee but thought she would be able to hold on without much struggle Her boyfriend is taking so long and she is getting more and more desperate to pee she really gets into the female dance as she is trying to hold. She doesn’t want to pee herself and keeps struggling with her bursting bladder the pressure is getting immense and all she can do is hold her crotch cross her legs and just hope. Then of a sudden there is s squirt of pee her bladder is giving in it just can’t hold on any longer, she loses control of her bladder and her pee starts to soak her pants what a mess she has got herself into and her white panties are soaked too, What will her boyfriend think of her

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Female Desperation And Panty Peeing

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I do love female desperation and this female desperation and panty wetting set from ineed2pee is from a female desperation and wetting movie at ineed2pee. These female desperation pictures are with the ineed2pee movie star Arianna, one of the great female desperation models that ineed2pee has to offer. The story from ineed2pee goes like this “Arianna is almost pissing her panties walking down the street but it gets worse! She realizes she locked herself out & almost loses it right there. She goes around to the back but can’t get any privacy because the nosy neighbors are out…” A very hot female desperation and panty wetting movie

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Alice so desperate she pees in her panties

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Female desperation and Real Wetting go so well together and this Female desperation and panty peeing movie from real wetting aka Audrey’s Wetting Site is wonderful. Alice is in the waiting g room desperate to pee, she knows that if she gets up and relieves herself she will miss her place so she keeps waiting getting more and more desperate to pee you can see how desperate to pee Alice has gotten when she is jamming her hand into her crotch to try to hold it all in. She really does get the female desperation fidgets in this female desperation and wetting movie.

Alice holds on as long as she can until she just can’t hold on any longer and while she is trying to hold her bladder it releases and her pee flows through her panties and down her legs leaving her in white see through panties that are giving her a camel to a truly wonderful female desperation and wetting movie from real wetting

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Female Desperation And Jeans Wetting Movie

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Female desperation and ineed2pee go so well together and today we have the lovely Megan. This is a great female desperation and jeans wetting movie and seeing Megan is so wonderful. In this female desperation movie Megan is locked out of her house she left and thought she had the keys and now she has returned desperate to pee. All she wants is to open the door and release her bulging bladder she keeps looking through her bag for the elusive keys but she is getting more and more desperate and you can tell she is about to lose control and pee her pants. Her hand is grabbing her crotch trying to hold he pee in but oh know she is peeing in her jeans and what a big mess she is making she is soaking everything

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Female Desperation In Bed

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Here we have some great female desperation and bed wetting photos she is sleeping desperate to pee and has her hand in her crotch she just wants to get through the night without having to get up and release he bladder she tries to hold on but cant and her desperate bladder explodes into her panties and bed. Bed wetting after female desperation wonderful

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