A Female Desperation Story

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This is for all the female desperation fans out there. I came across this desperation story and thought as this blog is called female desperation blog it was fitting to post it.

I was out shopping about a year ago in an area where there were many small stores extending a couple of miles along a city street. As I entered a clothing store, which had men’s and women’s clothing, I noticed a group of four girls that were all quite nice looking. They were all in their mid twenties. One girl, a blue eyed, blonde who was probably the hottest of the four, was wearing tight, faded blue jeans and a short, white tee-shirt that showed off her totally flat stomach. She wore white tennis shoes. She had nice tits. They were not too large or too small and were very firm and pert. Her blue jeans were tight and you could see the outlines of her string bikini panties through the well worn material. After checking her out for a little while, I began to notice that she couldn’t really stand still for more than a couple of seconds and she kept crossing her legs real tight, especially at the top. I was thinking “this can’t be…it’s too good to be true. Could this totally hot girl have to pee really badly?” I thought I’d try to move a little closer to her and get a better view as well as possibly hear anything she might say about needing to pee. Just then she said to one of her friends, another pretty blonde who was wearing a flowered, thin, summer dress that extended down to about eight inches above her knees, “Oh Lisa, OHH…I have to pee so bad! I knew this would happen after we stopped at the coffee shop and I drank those three cups of coffee. Oh, I never learn, this happens to me every time!” Her friend responded, “Yeah I know what you mean, Judy. I have to pee too! Coffee will get you every time.” Just then Judy squeezed her legs tightly together and bent her knees out in front of her and her incredible pass out in the back of her. Then she almost squealed “Oh God I have to pee! I’m going to see if they have a bathroom in here before I have an accident!” “I’ll go with you Judy”, said Lisa “Watching you squirm like that is making me have to pee worse myself! Ohhh!” Then Lisa tightly crossed her legs and bent forward at the waist. I was standing behind Lisa at this time and when she bent forward, I could see the outlines of her string bikini panties for a brief moment as her tight ass stretched against the very thin material.

The two girls proceeded to the front of the store, where the store’s only employee was ringing a sale at the cash register for another customer. Lisa and Judy seemed a little embarrassed about their situation as they appeared to not want to interrupt the clerk to ask if there was a bathroom and draw attention to them. I slowly followed them up front so I could continue to listen to their conversation. “Oh Lisa, I’m going to pee in my pants in about two seconds”. As Judy said this she began to prance around from one foot to the other, only occasionally stopping to tightly cross her legs or bend at the waist and do her little knees out in the front, ass out in the back move. Lisa stood with her legs clamped tightly together and said “Hold on Judy, You’ll make it. I just hope that I do”! Then Lisa said “This always happens to me too. I have the weakest bladder in the world. I used to fill a huge mug with coffee and drink it on my way to work in the morning. There were many a day that I would be standing waiting for the elevator squirming around and prancing just like your doing now. Then you get into the elevator and you feel like your going to pee in your pants before you’ll ever reach your floor. And of course the elevator stops on every floor. One time I got caught in traffic on my way to work. I had to pee so bad! I seemed to be better when the car was moving, but every time I stopped I had to either twist my legs or rub my crotch to avoid wetting my pants. By the time I got to work, I was totally desperate. I had to walk real fast with tiny little steps all the way to the bathroom. Anyone who saw me knew that I was about to pee in my pants. I barley made it in time to the bathroom and my panties were a little wet. I had to dry them off with toilet paper! After that, I stopped drinking coffee on the way to work”. “Please Lisa”, said Judy, “OH OHH stop talking like that. Your making it worse”. Judy was biting her lower lip now and looked as if she was about to cry. Just then the clerk finished with her customer and said “Can I help you two girls”? “Oh yes please” said Judy, “Do you have a bathroom that I could use”? “No I’m sorry”, said the clerk, “We don’t have any bathrooms for customers to use”. “Oh Please” said Judy “I have to pee so bad that it’s not even funny”. “I’m sorry”, said the clerk “But it’s an insurance thing. I could lose my job. There is a restaurant about a block away that has bathrooms”. “Oh I can’t wait to go to another place! Please! It’s really an emergency! I’m about to wet my pants”!! Then Judy did her knees-ass move again, only this time she was rubbing her crotch and bent down almost all the way to the floor. “I have to go really bad myself”, said Lisa to the clerk. Please let us go. She’s going to wet her pants any second and I’m not to far behind. We’ll be real fast, I promises. You don’t want to see us pee in our pants right hear in the store do you”? “No I don’t”, said the clerk, “But I really can’t risk my job over it. You girls are going to have to go to the restaurant down the street and by the looks of your friend, you had better hurry”! Judy was almost running in place, squeezing her legs together in between each prance to the other foot. “We better go to the restaurant, Judy”, said Lisa, “Let’s tell the other girls where we’re going”. “O.K. OHH anything to start walking again, I’m gonna pee in my panties if I have to stay still for another second!” said Judy.
The two girls began to walk, rather quickly using small steps, to the rear of the store where the other girls were. “Hey guys”, said Lisa, “Judy and I are going to the restaurant down the street”. Carrie, a brunette wearing a pair of tight jeans and a blue tee-shirt, said “Well hey, wait for us. I just want to try on one more thing”. Judy said, sounding very desperate and almost crying, “Guys, I have to pee sooo bad! I don’t even think I can wait long enough to get to the restaurant”! “I have to pee too”, said Carrie. “Yeah, me too said the fourth girl”. “Look guys”, said Lisa, “We’re both about to pee in our pants. Either come with us now or we’ll meet you over there.” Just then Judy twisted her hips to the right with her left leg tightly crossing over her right leg as she did it and said “OHHH, Come on Lisa, it’s starting to come out in my panties”!! I almost died when she said that. Then Judy began to run with tiny little steps towards the front of the store. Lisa followed quickly after her and they both made their wayto the restaurant.

I was able to follow them as they were both so overwhelmed with their desperate need to pee that they didn’t even notice me at all. Judy bursted into the restaurant with Lisa close behind. I followed them in. Judy looked around for some sign of a bathroom and after a few seconds the hostess approached her. “Where’s the ladies room”, said Judy. “The restrooms are only for customers”, said the hostess. “Please, I’m about to have an accident!” said Judy. “I’m sorry, but I have to seat you at a table so I can be sure our going to eat here or you can’t use our restrooms”. Said the hostess. “Please, we’ll eat here. I promises. Just let me use the bathroom. I’m already wetting my panties!” As she said this, she crossed her legs tightly and bent forward at the waist rubbing her crotch as she did so. “O.K.”, said the hostess, it’s right back there”. The two girls scurried to where the hostess pointed them. As the girls turned the corner, they realized to their horror, that there was a bus boy standing in the ladies bathroom with a mop and a bucket. Judy said, “Oh my God NOOOO. I can’t wait another second! I’m going to have an accident. I’m going to wet my pants”!! She grabbed her crotch again and began running on the spot moaning, but it was too late! All of a sudden she gasped and began to wet her pants! First her ass got all wet and then her pee began to flood down the inseams of her tight blue jeans and down into her shoes. She continued to fight it by twisting her legs and rubbing her crotch for all she was worth, but it was just no use. Her tight, faded blue jeans were soaked in the back from about two thirds of the way up her ass all the way down her legs to the floor. A rather large puddle began to form under her and she was crying. Judy said “Oh my God, I’m wetting my pants! I can’t stop it! Oh God, I’m peeing in my pants!!” She turned around so that she was facing me and now I could see the front of her pants. They were soaked from just above her crotch all the way down her legs! Lisa stood there with her mouth open as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her totally hot friend Judy had just wet her tight, faded blue jeans in front of about 100 people in a crowded restaurant. Just then she seemed to realize that this same fate my soon be in store for her also. She began to prance from foot to foot and rubbing her crotch as Judy had just been doing. She screamed at the bus boy “Please get out of there! I’m about to wet my panties and skirt too”. The bus boy was totally shocked by what he had just witnessed and just stood there in the doorway of the Ladies room. I’m not sure if he could even speak English. Lisa now bent down almost all the way to the floor and looked at Judy and said “Oh God Judy, I’m gonna wet my panties and skirt just like you did. If this skirt gets soaked it will be totally see through and everyone will be able to see me in my wet panties”. The bus boy began to understand the situation and cleared the way for poor Lisa. “Oh Judy, I don’t think I can stand up without having an accident. Oh, I’m going to pee in my pants too! I have to pee sooo bad! Then Lisa stood up and began to hobble into the Ladies room. She had to stop after a few steps and cross her legs again bending forward and rubbing her crotch. “Oh Judy, it’s coming out in my panties”! She began to lift her dress and started to run into the Ladies room. Judy followed her in. About five minutes later, Lisa emerged from the Ladies room alone. Just then her other two friends entered the restaurant and walked up to her. “Where’s Judy”? asked Carrie. “She’s in the bathroom still. She peed in her pants. She’s totally soaked and refuses to walk out here. I’m going to buy her a new pair of jeans and panties and bring them back here to her so she can change. I need a new pair of panties myself”, said Lisa in a rather embarrassed tone. “We’ll we had better go pee ourselves or we’ll end up like you guys too”, said Carrie. Then Carrie and the fourth girl walked into the Ladies room. A few seconds after they entered I could here them laughing and the fourth girl said “Oh Judy, I can’t believe you wet your pants like this”. Judy replied still crying, “I told you I had to pee real bad. When we got here, the stupid bus boy was in here and I peed in my pants right outside the bathroom door”. “Judy, you were peeing in you panties before you even left the clothing store,” said Carrie. “I know”, said Judy, “I had to pee soooo bad!”

Shortly Lisa entered the store with a bag in her hands and entered the bathroom. A few minutes later, the four girls exited the ladies room, Judy dressed in new, dry jeans and Lisa in new, dry panties (I would assume) and Lisa said to Judy, “Hey Judy, want to go get a cup of coffee”? “Very funny”, said Judy.

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