Female Desperation With Realwetting Dee

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Here we have Realwetting Dee she is coming home and has made it to the stairs to her place she has been desperate to pee for a lot of her journey but now that she is home she seems so happy but I would guess being as desperate as she is she wouldn’t want to get to excited that she may be able to release her bulging bladder

She has been holding on for so long and everyone have seen her doing the female desperation dance as she tries to hold her bladder and now this is it all she has to do is get up the stairs so she can release her bulging bladder but that happy feeling is too much her bladder just can’t hold on any longer and the pee starts to seep into her pantyhose and then the flood starts her desperate bladder has given in and the pee is running down her legs and making a massive mess look at the pee stains on her stocking legs poor female desperation disaster Dee

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