Female Desperation And Pissing In Tights

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I have always loved Female desperation and pantyhose peeing and here we have both poor Alice is desperate and she pisses into her tights. I believe that Alice loves wetting in this movie she holds her crotch and when she starts peeing she keeps her hand there is she enjoying her self. This movie is lovely and I lover all these real wetting movies as there is always the sound of piss splashing

Here is what was written about this real wetting movie
it was really hot that day and Alice waiting for the air-conditioner repairman was standing on the window to catch the breeze and cool off a bit. She drank loads of water because of the heat and she began to feel the pressure building up in her bladder, after a short while she was caught by surprise when piss started gushing out of her pussy all over her dress and sexy legs covered in grey pantyhose – like shorts.

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